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Ann-Marie Jaeger
“I can’t say enough about the service my girls and I have received at Sunkissed from both Gabby and Olivia! We all had our spray tans done there for my daughter’s November wedding and had that natural glow that we were hoping for. Olivia did my lash extensions for the wedding, too and they looked SO beautiful that I have continued my visits for her to maintain them.  Thank you Ladies for doing a wonderful job and always being so friendly!!!!!”

Kellsey Nicole
“beyond obsessed with my eyelashes thanks to Olivia at Sunkissed!! Literally the most amazing thing.  If anyone needs their eyelashes done, you deff. need to head her way!!!!”

Candace B.
“Absolutely LOVE getting sprayed at Sunkissed! I have both Olivia and Gabriella spray me and I have nothing but great things to say about both girls! They are very warm and inviting; they walk you through the entire process beginning to end and make you feel very comfortable. I would never look to go anyway else for my sprays – their tanning solution is the ONLY one that doesn’t leave me looking orange. LOVE this place!!!”

Mary G.
“Light Therapy is the fountain of youth, I was getting Botox every 3 months before and now I haven’t needed it again! Just like anything, you have to go more than once to see results, but it’s totally worth it!!!”

Anne Marie
“I haven’t been able to go in the sun for years for multiple health reasons, so this past spring I decided to give spray tanning a try. Gabriella did such a great job! She greeted me so friendly and welcoming, my nerves had turned to excitement as we talked for a bit before my session. The process was quick and easy & my color was perfectly adjusted for my skin tone, it lasted over a week. I was more then pleased with my visit at Sunkissed and am now a bi-weekly customer. I highly recommend this salon.”

Cherie Baitinger
“Shout out to Gabby and her staff at Sunkissed. I have used her a few times. My twins unfortunately went to the somewhere else in Hamilton for their prom spray tan and it was the worse !!! My other daughter is getting married this weekend and there was no way I was letting my family make the same mistake twice. 4 of us received spray tans for the wedding and not ONE of us was disappointed. Sunkissed is highly recommended by us. They are very attentive and know what they are doing. It really is a talent… you can not just trust anyone. You will be highly satisfied with Sunkissed.”

Kelly D.
“I am Irish, extremely pale and have red hair, so i was petrified to get a spray tan. But i was absolutely blown away by my tan. It was the perfect color, i looked natural like i was out on the beach all summer. I got so many compliments. I did it two days before my best friends wedding and would recommend them to anyone else! The photos looksd so much better when everyone has a tan to them. So impressed and will definitely be back for another!”

Kimberly Callea
“Olivia is awesome! She does a phenomenal job, the spray isn’t super sticky and doesn’t smell bad like other sprays. Everyone is very professional and fun to talk to. The entire experience was great and the tan lasted longer then most of the other spray tans I’ve gotten! Will be using them from now on!”

Gabriella Carbonetto
“This salon is so adorable and welcoming as well as being extremely clean and refreshing. Olivia has been doing my spray tans and she is fantastic! She is very professional and makes you feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. She is also very knowledgeable about spray tans and is able to answer any questions I have. I love how natural looking the spray tan is. Can’t wait for my next session with Olivia!”

Rebecca Warwick
“I came in for an airbrush spray tan. I had never had an actual airbrush so I was a little nervous. Olivia was great and made me feel comfortable during the process. She explained everything prior and during the tan. Very professional environment and felt very comfortable! I highly recommend Sunkissed to anyone who is looking for an even, long lasting tan. I look forward to my next airbrush with Olivia along with the many other services offered!”

Ava Dellevechia
“Just got my first spray tan ever and I’m so happy I came to Sunkissed. It’s so cute inside and the staff is so welcoming and kind. I was sprayed by Olivia who made me so comfortable and answered all of my questions. My tan came out flawless and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend Olivia and Sunkissed!!!”

Alyssa Goldberg
“I’m obsessed with the light therapy.  With 6 sessions, I saw a huge difference and I actually feel better also.”

Deana Tappen
“So happy with the results of my daughter’s tan. Its so natural looking and the staff was amazing. Definitely going back!”

Julia Strak
“10/10 recommend. I saw all the good reviews for this place and decided to try it. I was nervous before coming because I’ve never even tried airbrush or any sort of spray tan before (always did the tanning beds)- I was scared for it to look fake or really orange, but had a perfect experience! The tan looked natural and not too dramatic, as I requested, and it was SO quick and easy. Very professional place, made me feel comfortable, and good prices too.”

Ashlee Pettersen
“After searching long and hard for the perfect spray tan, I finally found Sunkissed! I came in for a trial before my wedding and instantly felt comfortable. The salon is very clean and welcoming. Gabriella sprayed me the perfect color, to say I was impressed was an understatement. I looked and felt so beautiful and the process was quick and easy. I only wanted a “bridal glow” and the results came out totally natural and exactly what I was hoping for. She carefully went over all the after care with me and answered all my questions. They also carry tan-safe products which is convenient for me. I am now a regular customer because I love the way my skin looks with a nice glow to it. I always leave this salon pleased. – Highly recommend!”

Meaghan McCrossin
“Olivia was amazing! She made my Powder-like skin have a healthy glow! Just the right amount of color so I didn’t look like I was just at the blood bank donating 10 liters of blood.”

Megan Miller
“Sunkissed is the best there is. The tans, the salon, the staff. It couldn’t get any better!”

Amanda Stern
“My new obsession! Ok so who doesn’t want a beautiful tan that’s healthy! My friend was getting married and I need some color for her wedding. She suggested all the girls get a spray tan before because her wedding was in January. Sunkissed is soooo cute. Gabriella airbrushed me and he color was perfect. The pics came out beautiful. Thanks so much!”

Laine Santoro
“Olivia was fantastic ! she was so knowledgeable and pleasant! will definitely be back!

James Green
“Great tan! Loved the color, looked so natural. Gabriella was very professional and made me feel so comfortable. The salon has a nice country rustic feel. They also have great aftercare products that help prolong and preserve your tan. I would recommend this salon before heading on a beach vacation.”

Charlotte Burton
“This is the Bride To Be Spray Tan! I was here a few times for a tan before my wedding and loved it. Two days before my wedding I did my Bridal tan and did a healthy glow. It was super natural and did not get on my dress at all. I looked very healthy in my pics and it even evened out some tans lines I had from the summer.”

Cristina Stellato
“It was my first time and the girl that helped me was awesome. The store was very clean.”

“I had to take my wife here for our wedding and the salon owner, Gabriella was great. She made my wife comfortable and my wife looked amazing afterwards . I wasn’t scheduled originally but after I seen my wife I decided to get a little color on my face. We looked nature and all our pictures looked great. Thanks again will send friends”

Faye Zaouche
“I’ve been on the hunt for a good spray tan in NJ and was lucky enough to come across Sunkissee! My friend was getting married at a near by venue and we needed the tans done at the hotel. The girl who sprayed us was very professional and told us all how to care for the tan. The color came out perfect!!”

Nancy Ramirez
“As a first time client I am very impressed with how friendly and professional they are. I went in on Wednesday feeling a bit nervous and she made me comfortable and my tan came out fantastic. I scheduled my next appointment which I had to reschedule when I called the VM was full so I sent a quick email. She responded and was able to coordinate with me a date that works with my schedule. She apologized for responding back late but all was done the same day. Something I really appreciate. I look forward to continuing business with them!”

Kate M
“Hands down the best spray tan I’ve ever had! The girls here make you so comfortable and the tan looks so natural!”

Jenna Kelsey
“I’ve been a client since they first opened and have never been disappointed. The color is natural and the staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable.”

Katie Carvin
“Radiant glowing tan that looks like you just came off the beach. No streaks! Also smooths out wrinkles! Safe smart alternative to sun tanning! Gabriella is awesome. Highly recommend.”

Margaret Kelly
Best spray tan I’ve ever gotten! Looks stunning for my prom 🙂

abby zettle
The best spray tanning place in Jersey by far! The color lasted over a week for me with no streaks or blotchiness ! Overall so happy with the results and will be back there all the time for my perfect beachy tan 🙂

arlene landolfi
“I have used Sunkissed Tanning several times and found the quality of products used exceptional. The color of the tan was very natural and lasted a good amount of time. Gabriella was the tanning specialist and was very knowledgable about the products and provided a professional and friendly customer service experience. Highly recommend for a feel good winter boost!”

Corinne Littlefield
“I have been to Sunkissed Tanning three times. My tanning specialist was Gabriella. She was very knowledgeable and professional. My tan was very natural looking and not streaked anywhere on my body. I would highly recommend an airbrush tan at Sunkissed! Ask for Gabriella!”

Loretta Neill
“I was always very skeptical about tanning until my daughter introduced me to Sunkissed Airbush Tanning. What a lovely experience. Danielle is professional, knowledgeable and cares about how you want to look. You can chose from different levels of tanning depending on your needs. I wanted to have a tan for a wedding recently but did not want to look “leathery”. Danielle gave my skin the perfect glow which set of my outfit wonderfully. Also, her products are organic which gave me peace of mind. Looking forward to my next visit!”

Karen Shultz
“Hands down the best tan in NJ!! Organic and so natural looking. This is my go to place whenever i’m visiting family close by. I’ve been sprayed a few times before weddings and the tan shows up great in the pictures. The staff is knowledgeable and super friendly!”

Caitlin Summers
“Did a great job for my wedding”

Jessica Graham
“I had a beach vacation coming up and just had a baby, so needed some color. Brigit made me feel comfortable and gave me the perfect airbrush tan. I looked much better in a bathing suit than I thought was possible and the tan lasted for around 2 weeks. It was fast and easy and looked great!”

Blaine Fitzgerald
“Absolute perfection time and time again!! I’ve used Sunkissed a few times in the past three months and have zero complaints. Great customer service, and i’m never orange! They are very knowledgeable about how to care for your skin and spray tan. I highly recommend Sunkissed to anyone and everyone!”

Kristina Landolfi
I truly recommend Sunkissed if you are looking for a natural airbrushed tan. Gabriella did my tan before my sister in laws wedding, and not only was it so even, it stayed for more than a week. Nothing but great experiences!”

Claudia Lilley
“Bridget and Sunkissed Airbrush Tanning are the BEST! The tans are so even and never look orange. I’ve had numerous tans done and always came out 110% happy. I’ve relocated about an hour away, but still come back to Bridget! Don’t go anywhere else!!”

Chloe Sanders
“My friend Recommended this location when I was in a wedding in NJ. I’m so happy I found them!! The solution is organic and so natural looking. I loved it!! Thanks girls!!”

Melissa Nardiello
“Perfect sunkissed glow every time!”

Christine Caruso
5 stars

Angela c
5 stars

Taylor Jaeger
“This place is amazing! Olivia and Gab are so sweet and do an incredible job.  I travel an hour Olivia do my lash extensions. Definitely affordable compared to other places and I’ve never been disappointed! Nothing but great things to say!!! “