Eyelash Care


  • Prepare for your appointment to be anywhere from one hour and 15 minutes to one hour and 45 minutes. Fills may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. 
  • Do not wear any eye make-up to your appointment.
  • Look over all styles & sets to discuss with your artist during your consultation/
  • You may bring anything with you that will make your appointment more comfortable.  Ex. headphones, blanket, pillow. 
  • Look over all maintenance and aftercare prior to booking. Lashes are not for everyone, we do offer lower maintenance lash services for anyone that cannot keep up with appointments.

Treat Yourself


  • Avoid getting your eyes wet for 24 hours. Swimming, some beds and steam should be avoided for 48 hours. Spray tanning is ok. 
  • Do not use mascara, eyelash curlers or oil. Steam may also loosen the bond to the natural lash.
  • If you are a side sleeper, avoid rubbing your face directly in your pillow. Doing so will result in loss of lash extensions on side being slept on. Silk sheets are recommended to avoid tugging or pulling. 
  • DO NOT PICK, PULL, OR RUB YOUR LASHES! Doing so will result in natural lash loss and will create gaps in lash line.
  • Clean and brush your lashes to avoid bacteria growth, foam cleaner's work best. 
  • You will naturally shed 3-5 lashes per day. If you notice more than that call right away. Anything that is bothering you or feels off can be fixed complimentary within three days of appointment. 
  • Lash extensions are a maintenance type service. To keep them looking flawless, appointments should be booked every 2 to 3 weeks. If appointment is booked past 4 weeks, a full set may be required. 

Tanning Care


  • Exfoliate & shave 24 hours in advance
  • All waxing, nails & massages should be before the session. A polish change is the only service we recommend for after the tan. 
  • Please inform the staff of any skin problems or conditions you may have.
  • Plan for a 15-30 minute appointment.
  • Prepare for poor weather. You cannot get wet after the session so boots, jacket, and long pants are suggested for rainy days.
  • Be sure to remove all makeup, moisturizers, deodorant & jewelry for the session. 

A perfect tan from start to finish

The Session:

  • You may wear anything you're comfortable in for the session, just keep in mid what's left on will leave a tan line. Going topless or nude is also acceptable. 
  • You only need 1 session for your desired results. Depending on your natural level, you may achieve anything from a light glow to a deep dark bronze.
  • Look over all solutions and add ons before session starts. 
  • Wait 8-10 hours for showering or getting wet. For express the development is 2-5 hours. Do not expose your skin to water or sweat during development.
  • No loofah, wash rags, oils, or rough drying. Exfoliation will take off the tan. 
  • Development of the airbrush tan is different in certain areas. The tan will even itself out after your first shower. 
  • The bronzer you see after the service is not your tan, its a color guide. 
  • As your tan develops, it will get very dark, after your first shower it will lighten back down to the color you left the salon as. 
  • Soaps & Moisturizers should be paraben/sulfate free or organic. NO DOVE
  • After the first shower, moisturize as often as possible.
  • Pools, hot tubs, and saltwater will shorten the lift of your tan, we recommend a sunblock lotion to act as a barrier while in the water. 

LED Light Therapy Care

What to expect:

LIGHTWAVE sessions are safe, simple, and easy. The amount of time you spend at your skin care specialist may vary based on your individual skin care needs. You can expect an individual treatment to take up to 30 minutes and allow for an additional 20 minutes for pre and post care. Its so simple and fast that many patients have treatments during a lunch break or on a quick stop to or from work. However, the relaxing, euphoric effect usually lasts throughout the day.  
After the treatment:

Each individual responds differently; some notice changes much more quickly that others. The following principles are generalities; specific results will vary from client to client based on the clients needs and lifestyle. The following protocols have been designated to address the most common requested treatments. Our treatments range between 8-30 minutes in duration. 

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