Spray Tan Pricing

Spray Tanning is a customized service that safely darkens your skin to give it a natural, just off the beach look. All tans are done by extensively trained professionals who will guide you through the entire process start to finish. 

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Our signature solution. Can be anything from a light glow to a deep dark bronze. 
Developing Time: 8-10 hours

Original Organic Spray Tan


Original solution infused with caffeine, green tea, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and vitamins c & d
Developing Time: 8-10 hours 

Hydrating/Anti-Aging Spray Tan 

Avoid waiting 8-10 hours to develop! Timing is dependent upon desired level. Doesn't develop past a medium level. 
Developing Time: 
2 Hours= light glow
3-4 hours= light to medium
5 hours= medium

Express Tan

Must have student ID. Must be under 23

Student Tan


Waist up or waist down

1/2 Body Tan


Face Glow




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